The Comission

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

New Life Church Rugby is committed to the Great Commission. We believe that the good news of Jesus Christ is not just a local affair, but a universal message for all of God's creation. To this means as a church we partner with our church network Lifelink Global to reach further than one church can. Mission is not done in isolation but as a community.  We are also mindful of Galatians 2:10 to not neglect the poor and the needy as part of Jesus’ mission . 

Local Mission

At New Life

We encourage the church to be a witness for Jesus. We have a program of outreach, particularly at Christmas, Easter and other times of the year, we seek to reach out to the local community with special events.  As a church we seek to help those who are in need and to teach and train people in the Christian faith.  This is done through our pastoral care team and through a variety of different teaching outlets, house groups, prayer meetings, welcome courses and our Sunday services.
We also hire out the facility to community initiatives such as Kumon, toddler groups, music groups, schools and we look forward to supporting the local community in utilising this facility.

With Other churches in the town

Our members are involved with town-wide initiatives under the Revive banner.  Revive has diverse outreach activities, such as:
  • Rugby foodbank – who provide emergency food for local people in crisis 
  • Street Pastors –  practical help and care for our community during the late night weekend hours.
  • Hope4 – a local charity caring for the homeless and badly housed.

National and International  mission

Serving the Kingdom Message onto the Nations

New Life Church is part of the Lifelink global group of churches. We support other churches in the UK and USA. This is done through several teaching initiatives that are run here under the Lifelink Global banner in Rugby through training leaders or hot-topic days targeting church members.
Internationally, we have partnerships with church ministries in Argentina, Zimbabwe and Zambia, South Africa, India, Mongolia.  New Life Church is an apostolic base to help spearhead the ministry of Lifelink Global into these nations.  The main thrust of Lifelink Global is the training of leaders and supplying them with teaching resources. Ministries from among the leaders in New Life Church and other churches in the network regularly participate in international mission.  We encourage everyone in the church to support the mission in prayer and practically.
Lifelink Global also has a humanitarian arm, called Opportunity to Hope (O2H), providing support, grants to good causes all over the world.  Members of New Life Church are on the board of O2H and others subscribe to the initiative on a monthly basis.