Temple Buildings

Temple Buildings


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Building work starting on our new building

New building

Our new building nearing completion

New Life Church was originally founded with the name Rugby Christian Church (later called Covenant Community Church).  The congregation in Rugby has been meeting for over twenty five years and much has been done in serving the town and communicating the good news of Jesus.

In November 2005 the church moved their Sunday gatherings to Lawrence Sheriff School in the town centre and in the ensuing months and years the church began to grow.  In November 2008 the church purchased a run down ex-bank building called Temple Buildings on Railway Terrace out of a desire to move forward and better serve the town with the good news of Jesus.

Following some amazing renovation work, New Life Church officially opened Temple Buildings in September 2009, sharing it with Trinity School of Ministry (formerly the Bible College of Wales) and Global Horizons.  Over the next few years, the church grew to almost full capacity, and with a sense of faith another new facility was sought.

in 2014 Trinity School of Ministry and Global Horizons bought out Temple Buildings, releasing the church to buy an old car garage just 50 meters down the road.  After many months of hard work, the first phase of renovation of this new building was completed in December 2014, bringing the capacity of the main church meeting room to over 400.

With an official opening in January 2015, the church is entering a new faith-filled adventure in both growth in numbers and ability to impact our town with the Good News of Jesus!

We welcome you joining us!

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