New Life Church seeks to welcome any and all who wish attend our church service. However, we believe that all Christians should become a committed part of a local church community. With this in mind we have church membership for those who want to commit to New Life Church. Membership is not like a business contract, but is based more on relationship (like being part of a family).

The New Testament teaches that all who are called by God to believe in Jesus become members of the Church (universal). A Christian, therefore, by definition has to be part of the Church for there is simply no such thing as a solitary Christian.

God Himself is a community (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), created us for relationship and chose to save us as a community. The necessary and practical expression of these realities is that all those who follow Jesus should be a committed part of a local church (this is the clear picture presented in the New Testament). Contrary to the individualism of the contemporary culture, the Bible says that it is basically impossible to practice true Christianity merely as an individual.

Becoming a Member

1) Attend a welcome course (usually four sessions) in which you will learn about New Life Church, what we believe and what it would mean to be a church member.

2) Meet with one of the elders.

3) If all is well you will soon be welcomed and prayed for in a Sunday gathering as a recognition of your coming into membership.

Contact the church office for information about welcome courses.


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