New Life WorshipOur highest privilege and purpose as human beings is that of knowing God personally and worshipping him!

While worship is very much a ‘whole-life’ offering to him, we also focus very specific times together as a congregation in sung worship when we gather together.  These are times when the worship of ‘one voice’ together as a church allows us to enter new realms of closeness to God and also allows him to speak to us as a congregation.

Our sung worship times are led by a band and can be lively or quiet and intimate depending on the service.  We allow space for people to respond to God and for God to respond to his people.

Our music team is led by Jonny and Cheryl Shepherd.  Jonny is a worship songwriter, and many of the songs we sing have been penned by him alongside other popular contemporary songs from groups like Vineyard, Soul Survivor, Passion, Hillsong, Jesus Culture and others.  Jonny & Cheryl have recorded together – if you would like to hear more of Jonnys music please check out his website here.

If you are interested in finding out more about the music or how you can get involved, please drop Jonny and Cheryl an email.

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