New Life MissionJesus gave us a commission in Matthew 28:19 to “go and make disciples of all nations” – a calling to all Christians to tell others about him.  We believe our mission calling is local, national and international, and involve ourselves in many activities that see this calling demonstrated in real and practical ways.

Local Mission

Rugby foodbank – New Life Church is a lead church for Rugby foodbank who provide emergency food for local people in crisis.

Street Pastors – A number of our church members have been involved in street pastors – practical help and care for our community during the late night weekend hours.

Hope4 – Hope4 is a local charity caring for the homeless and badly housed.

National and International Mission

O2H (Opportunity 2 Hope) – Some of our member help run this charity which distributes grants to projects both nationally and internationally that are committed to helping the poor in some way.

Through our work and partnership with Global Horizons our congregation members also regularly travel to international missions fields including India, Zambia, China, Thailand, Romania.

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