New Life Youth and kids


Sunday Morning Youth

On a Sunday morning young people in year 7 and 8 have the opportunity to meet together, after worship has concluded, in a separate room. We talk about the Bible, God and some life issues. This is all done in a very laid back conversational style with snacks, games and drinks. It is our mission to have lots of fun, prepare our kids in the word of God and equip them to engage fully with the Church.

Friday Night Youth

Friday night young people in year 7-11 meet together in the custom built youth facility ‘The Workshop’. This is the greatest opportunity for you to invite your friends to something.
It is the most boring night of the week!!! Unless of course you happen to enjoy hanging out with your mates, maybe meeting some new ones. Playing pool, table tennis, Nerf, eating pizza, playing footy, some pretty awesome card games, tuck shops, music or playing GIANT games. We have a knack of making every game-show known to man GIANT! Actually mainly we hang out and chat, the above are just some pretty effective icebreakers.

For more information on the youth please contact the youth team at or 07747 319921.

Children’s Work (Sunday Mornings)

Under 2s

There is a room leading off the main hall for parents to use with under 2s if they wish to. There will be some toys available in this room, but it is unmanned and it is important that every child has someone with them who is responsible for that child.  Our aim for these very young children is that they enjoy being with us and that they feel safe, loved and cared-for. In other words, that we express God’s heart towards them.

Creche Age 2-5s

Children from 2 – 5 are welcomed into the crèche, where we will have a snack of juice/ water and breadsticks/ fruit/ raisins etc.  We usually have a story together, and do a short activity, which may involve cutting, sticking, drawing etc.  Sometimes the children will have something to take home, discuss and admire, but not always.  There is a range of toys for children to choose from and there will always be at least 2 adults with them.  You are welcome to stay with your child if you wish to, and we certainly would encourage you to stay if your child is unsettled.

Children’s Work

The children’s work is for any child who is in school from Reception up to and including Year 6.  This large group is then split into 2 groups:  Jam (Reception to Year 2) and Juice (Year 3 – Year 6).

At the moment the children are working through some videos called “Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible?” created by Phil Vischer (Veggie Tales).  It takes the children on a journey from Genesis to Revelation using puppets, people, songs and explanations of the Bible at a level based at 5-11 year olds.

Parents will need to register their children when arriving at church and collect their name badge from the children’s team in reception.  Children’s work starts around 11am, and can also include playing games, watching TV clips, having drinks and biscuits and splitting into groups for teaching based on the TV clip.

All the adults working with the children have been DBS checked and a register is kept, of which adults and children are in the group each week to cover our safeguarding needs.  Children can return to play in The Workshop after children’s work is cleared up but parents will need to supervise.


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