Chinese Service 中文服侍

为了更好的服侍Rugby和其周边的华人弟兄姊妹和朋友, 我们每周日下午14:30 在教堂有中文服侍。

Rugby 和其周边华人人数在不断增加, 但是我们发现Rugby没有华人教会,新生命教会想更好的服侍华人弟兄姊妹, 所以在周日下午14:30设立了华文服侍。我们的服侍包含敬拜,祷告, 查经, 布道。更重要的是, 我们想为本地华人提供一个互相认识交流,帮助,融入本地社区生活,彼此加深友谊的平台。 所以, 无论您是不是基督徒, 都可以来加入我们,作为本地华人,互相认识, 守望相助。

We are excited to have started a brand new afternoon service for our Chinese friends from around Rugby.

We have identified that there is no Chinese church service for people in Rugby and the surrounding areas and because the Chinese community is growing quickly in this area, New Life Church would like to be able to serve them in a greater way.  Our services will provide a place for worship, prayer and Bible study, but also be a place that the Chinese community can meet together and grow in fellowship, regardless of whether you are Christian or not.

Other activities will be planned to ensure that the Chinese community that is already here in Rugby can grow stronger together.

Our services will be held in both Chinese and English languages and all are very welcome to attend regardless of your background.

Day – Every Sunday

Time – 2.30pm – 4.00pm

For more information please call 01788 561525 or 07401 513330.



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