We have loads going on with Sunday gatherings, small groups, youth groups, coffee mornings, local and international outreach and more. There is something for everyone!

DSCF1831 (2)Sunday gatherings

When & Where: Every Sunday, 10.30am at 28-42 Railway Terrace, Rugby, CV21 3LJ.  Find us here.  There is limited parking available at the church, with plenty more parking at the public Railway Terrace car park that is immediately opposite our building. (Free to park on Sundays).

We also hold an afternoon service at 2.30pm for our Chinese congregation.  More details on that service can be found here.

What should I expect?
Our Sunday gatherings are focused on worshipping Jesus through music, prayer, Bible teaching and fellowship.  We normally worship through music led by a band for the first 30-45 minutes and then move into Bible teaching and prayer for the final 45 minutes.  An offering is taken up, though visitors are not obligated to give., and we take communion together once of month.

Dress is casual – come as you are!  Teas and coffees are served after the service with plenty of time for you to chat and meet others in the church.

What do you offer for children & youth?
Our children break out into their activity groups at around 11am, towards the end of the sung worship time.  A crèche is offered for children 0-3, and other activities are put on for children in reception up to school year 9.  Please feel free to ask for help or direction when you arrive.  More about our activities for children and youth can be found here.

Why do you meet?
We meet first and foremost to worship God.  We believe these times are not only for us to express our love to Him, but also for Him to speak to and meet with us through the Holy Spirit. Secondly, we meet for fellowship and community with each other.  The Bible teaches us that we simply cannot be Christians in isolation, and one of our priorities is to build ‘family’ amongst us.

And in the week?

New Life Church is much more than a Sunday meeting.  We are community that seeks to follow Jesus together.  This means that focus both on living well together and on looking outward toward the world around us.  We hope to continually grow into the tag line you see on our sign: A community serving the community.

We have a constantly changing diary of activity – check out some of our events in the “what we do” menu above.

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